Lesson series

Building websites with HTML, JavaScript & CSS

Web frontend development is one of the most trending domains in Software development arena. 
Here we bring you the must-know fundamentals of web development with the basic technologies - HTML, JavaScript & CSS.
We bring you more practical and hands-on experience and less theory. But more fun!!!
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What's included?

  • 15 Videos
  • 25 Review questions 

Must-know fundamentals

Before going into frameworks like ReactJS, VueJS and AngularJS etc., you should know the fundamentals of the web, how each element works. This course will help you to create a great foundation.

Practical Approach

From the first stage, we will start a project. You will have to implement a Wikipedia page yourself!
Meet the instructor

Archana Udaranga

Archana is a graduate of University of Moratuwa, Department of Electronic and Telecommunication Engineering, Currently working as a Senior Software Engineer at Fcode Labs (Private) Limited. 

Currently he is pursuing a Master of Science in Computer Science at the same university.  
Loves to explore trending tech.
Patrick Jones - Course author
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